team of researchers has discovered a flaw in Android devices. By taking
advantage of this hackers can listen to phone calls of users. Air Spy, a
malware developed by researchers at five American universities, can be used to
eavesdrop on mobile devices by capturing motion sensor data readings generated
by echoes from in-ear speakers. When tested on smartphone loudspeakers, in-ear
speakers were found to be quite weak in terms of generating the desired amount
of vibration needles. However, the stereo speakers used in modern smartphones
were developed a few years ago. These speakers have a better sound quality and
produce powerful waves. Similarly, modern devices use more sensitive motion
sensors and gyro-Vasco tubes, which emit finer waves from the speakers. The
experiment showed that the earphones of the 2016 OnePlus 3T barely showed any
data on the spectrogram, while the 2019 OnePlus 7T collected significantly more

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