Responsible digital Internet Usage by Children and Youth

Nowadays the use of the Internet has increased a lot and is increasing day by day. Currently, about 60 percent of the world’s population is using the Internet.

Internet usage among today’s youth is leading to negative attitudes and anti-social activities. Earlier people used to mingle and stay near each other for communication and information, but now all these activities have stopped which has affected social relations badly.

People try to get all kinds of information from the Internet. According to a study, excessive use of the Internet makes people so deprived that a day of not using the Internet increases their anxiety and nervous tension. While reading i.e. reading books protects against mental diseases at every age, while excessive use of the Internet causes the development of mental diseases.

The unethical use of the Internet is increasing day by day, so more attention should be paid to its harmful effects and those who use it should be made aware of its disadvantages.

There are films and literature on the Internet, which is completely opposite to some societies, which makes the young generation and especially children fall victim to depravity and often children disobey their parents due to the influence of Western-style films. should be especially protected from unnecessary and improper use of the Internet.

The internet is like a tool, and whether it brings good or harm depends on how it is used. In the present era, due to the prevalence of evil and the abundance of opportunities for wrongdoing, it has almost become a tool of mischief. Anti-Islamic forces effectively use these tools for their condemned purposes. However, today, people of the truth are using these tools as an effective means to spread Islamic teachings and Quranic messages to a large audience. 

Internet Usage

Immorality, obscenity, and indecency are common on these platforms, to the extent that explicit websites with Islamic names, such as principles of jurisprudence or Islamic library, exist. Sometimes, while browsing, people come across scenes that trigger natural curiosity, making them accustomed to such content. 

At times, obscenity is hidden behind “Click Here,” and it becomes evident that it is part of a deliberate plan. Instances have been reported where individuals started using the internet with good intentions but ended up in a completely different path. 

Another drawback of excessive internet usage is the declining health of the younger generation, as their well-being is adversely affected by insufficient sleep. Among the youth, there is a rise in stress and depression. By constantly posting videos on Instagram and Facebook, or creating aimless TikTok content, they measure their worth by the number of likes and comments received.

Essentially, they become the creators, producers, guides, and the sole audience for their low-quality content. It is astonishing that for the sake of viewing their own mediocre videos and content, they find like-minded enthusiasts, leading them to perceive themselves as something extraordinary. 

Internet Usage Strategy

Since internet usage poses risks and can lead people astray, caution should be exercised. However, if there is a legitimate need that cannot be fulfilled without internet use, or if it serves the purpose of pure religious preaching, then it can be used. In such cases, the following considerations are essential:

  • Firstly, one should assess their noble intentions, ensuring they align with the teachings and principles of religion.
  • Internet use should be deemed necessary and not achievable through other means.
  • Determine the purpose of internet usage, perform the task, and then disconnect to avoid unnecessary browsing.
  • Set a specific time limit for internet use.
  • Perform ablution before using the internet, as ablution helps in resisting satanic influences. Seek refuge and recite other supplications to ward off negative effects.
  • Just as it is forbidden to look at stranger women or a man’s private parts, it is also prohibited to view such things on the screen.
  • Radical literature promoting sectarianism is being disseminated on the internet.
  • Avoid such material to prevent mental unrest and refrain from forwarding it.
  • Refrain from sharing unverified news/information.
  • Being alone makes a person more susceptible to Satan’s influence, so it’s advisable not to use the internet alone, especially at night.
  • Place the computer in a common area with the screen visible to everyone.
  • Avoid random browsing and visit selected sites with caution.
  • Messaging or chatting with women, even with good intentions, is not allowed; hence, it should be avoided.
  • Avoid discussing personal images and activities on Facebook, as it promotes vanity.
  • Critically evaluate the time spent on internet usage to avoid wasting time.
  • Web browsers have settings to automatically block explicit content.
  • Utilize these options when using platforms like YouTube to limit exposure to explicit scenes.
  • Consult a computer professional for details. 

These guidelines aim to ensure that internet usage aligns with Islamic principles and safeguards individuals from the potential harms associated with it. 


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