WhatsApp introduced three security features in 2022 

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular instant messaging
application, has quietly introduced three new security features, while its
management is also busy working on more cool features. Mark Zuckerberg, the
founder of WhatsApp, the company that owns Meta, i.e. Facebook, informed the
users about the features introduced in the instant application in his Facebook
post. Among the features introduced by WhatsApp is the quality to leave groups
silently. Under this feature, if any user leaves a group, everyone will not see
the notification of his leaving, but the admin of the group will see the notification. 

whatsapp features

Another feature introduced on the Instant app is keeping
your online presence private, which users can turn on by going to WhatsApp’s
settings. Under this feature, the user can choose to keep their online presence
secret from everyone, keep some friends aware, or turn on their online presence
for all their contacts. This feature was previously available on the Voice app,
but now it has been further improved and made public.

from this, another great security feature has been introduced on WhatsApp, under
which users will now be able to prevent taking a screenshot of a picture sent
by a Konsview. This feature will work automatically on WhatsApp. There’s no
setting to turn it on, and soon other people won’t even be able to take a
screenshot of a picture sent under WinView. Some of the above-mentioned three
features will not be available to all users immediately, but soon all users
will be able to use them. Apart from the three above features, WhatsApp management is also working on more security and privacy features while recently introducing several new features on the application.