ChatGPT text capture tool

Since the introduction of the famous chatbot ChatGTP,
which uses artificial intelligence, it has become especially popular among
students and is used worldwide for writing essays. Concern was expressed on
behalf of educational institutions. However, OpenAI, the company that owns
ChatGTP, has solved this problem and has introduced a software tool to
recognize text written with the help of artificial intelligence. ChatGPT is a
free service provider program that generates text in response to commands,
including articles, essays, jokes, and even poetry. The chatbot has gained
widespread popularity since its launch in November despite concerns about
copyright and plagiarism. 

According to Reuters, the company’s new tool, AI
Classifier, is a language model that is adept at comparing data sets of text
written by humans and artificial intelligence on the same topic. and which is
intended to distinguish the two texts. 

Artificial intelligence AI

The company said the tool uses multiple providers to
address issues such as disinformation campaigns and academic dishonesty. OpenAI
has publicly acknowledged that this tool to detect the use of artificial
intelligence is largely unreliable for text under 1,000 characters. And text
written by artificial intelligence can be edited to trick the classifier.
“We’re making the classifier available to the public to get feedback on
whether imperfect tools like this are useful,” OpenAI said. 

We recognize
that AI-generated text recognition has been a major point of debate among
educators and that it is important that classifiers recognize the limitations
and implications of AI-generated text in classrooms.” Other companies have
followed suit.

Third-party detection tools have been created. These include GPT
Zerwax to help teachers detect AI-generated texts. OpenAI said it is in
discussions with educators to discuss the capabilities and limitations of
ChatGPT, to continue exploring AI-generated texts.

According to the American website Fortune, students in
the US and around the world are using tools like ChatGPT to cheat. The concern
is arising in this regard in educational institutions. That’s why bot chatGPT,
launched in November last year, has gained widespread popularity among millions
of users, after which schools in some major US cities, including New York City,
responded to concerns over AI chatbots. Prohibits students may use the text
generator for cheating or plagiarism. America’s largest school district has
decided to restrict the ChatGPT website on school computers and networks, and
other school districts are considering doing the same.