WhatsApp has introduced a camera editing feature. 

WhatsApp, the world’s largest instant messaging application, has introduced editing features in the app’s camera, keeping in view the long-standing wishes of users. Also, WhatsApp is improving its editing features and introducing more features. WhatsApp’s camera initially only allowed users to take photos, after which the app also introduced video recording. Now WhatsApp has introduced the facility to turn the camera on the front and back, but this facility is not immediately available to all users. 



According to Web at
Info, a website that monitors WhatsApp updates, WhatsApp has introduced camera
editing features, while its experts are continuing to work on more features.
After the new feature, now on the front of the camera, the icon to set the camera
to selfie mode and back mode has also been given, on clicking which users will
be able to change the camera mode. 

Under the new feature,
even if users want to switch the camera to the front and back mode multiple
times while recording a video, they will be able to do so. Earlier, while
recording a video, one had to keep a finger on the WhatsApp camera until the
recording of the video was complete, but now this will not be the case and now
users will be able to switch the camera to back and front mode while recording
the video.