Google chatbot  Bard caused a loss of 100 Billion USD to the

world’s most famous search engine, Google, suffered a loss of 100 billion
dollars on Wednesday due to the mistake made by the recently introduced
chatbot. According to the Reuters news agency, Google has released an
introductory video of its artificial intelligence-powered chatbot Bard. People
in the video pointed out that the chatbot bard did not provide accurate
information about which satellite was the first to photograph an extrasolar
planet. According to Reuters, Google shares fell 9 percent in regular trading
after Bard’s mistake. This decrease is said to be more than the overall
decrease in the last one and a half months. 

google AI bard
image by Mashable

Thus, Google’s parent company
Alphabet Corporation has suffered a serious loss. A Google video shows a man
typing into Bard what discoveries have been made by the space-age Ben James
Webb Space Telescope to tell his nine-year-old. Bard’s response to this appears
to be typed with several details. Also, one answer is that the James Webb
telescope was the first to photograph an extrasolar planet. While this is not
accurate information, the Very Large Telescope (VLT) of the Poor Pan Southern
Observatory was the first to photograph an exoplanet in 2004. 

Alphabet shares dive after Google AI chatbot Bard
flubs answer in ad

This was also
confirmed by the US space agency NASA. According to Reuters, when contacted
about Bard’s error, a Google spokesperson said that testing any tool requires
the most rigorous testing. Google is starting something similar with its
Trusted Tester program, he pointed to Bard. Based on its tester program and
external feedback, Bard can improve the quality and availability of
information. Google introduced Bard to compete with OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT,
which is becoming increasingly popular in the world. 

According to experts,
Google is facing competition for the first time in recent history to search for
information on the Internet. ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence-powered
program that can provide detailed answers to any issue. Some observers fear
that Google may face difficulties in competing with Microsoft in artificial
intelligence-powered chatbots. OpenAI has received financial support from
Microsoft for ChatGPT, which received worldwide acclaim immediately after its
launch in November 2022. Microsoft hopes that this technology created by OpenAI
can help develop a new way of using the Internet. This chatbot can be used to
explore topics on the internet through dialogue and questions. This chatbot not
only answers user queries accordingly. Rather, he writes the answer in the
style of the writer whose style of writing is said to be.