smallest computer
is only a square millimetre. This computer will be used for
the treatment of the dangerous ‘Glaucoma black’ disease of the eye. A small
computer system will be implanted in the patient’s eyes OR it will engraft.
This will be monitoring the pressure, which will be creating in the eye. This
computer functions completely. There is an ordinary microprocessor placed in
this computer, which is functioned with low power. Pressure sensor, memory, a thin-film
battery, solar cell, and a wireless radio with an antenna that can transmit
data to an external reader device. 

world smallest computer

of Michigan Developments: 

by researchers at the
University of Michigan, which is expected to be
commercially available in several years – is already being advertised as the
future of the computing industry. 
Its creator
– Professors Dennis Sylvester, David Blaauw, as well as David Wentzloff – statement
that as the device’s radio requires no tuning to find the right frequency it
could connect to a wireless network of computers. 

A system of such units could one-day track pollution, monitor
structural integrity, carry out observation, or make practically any object
smart and traceable, according to the scientists. 

(Glaucoma Black): 

processor in the eye force perceive is the third generation of the researchers
Phoenix chip, which uses a high-class design and an irrelevant sleep mode to achieve
ultra-low-power utilization. The latest system wakes every 15 minutes to take
measurements and consumes an average of 5.3 nanowatts. To preserve the battery
charged, it requires exposure to ten hours of indoor light daily otherwise 1.5
hours of sunlight. It can accumulate up to a week’s significance of the information.
While this system is minuscule and comprehensive, its radio does not provide it
to talk to other comparable devices, which is a significant aspect of any
system targeted towards wireless sensor networks. The researchers are convinced
their tiny device will take off.