Data Security

The Internet
is used for obtaining and sharing different kinds of information. Such
information is getting through the help of different kinds of websites. There
are various types of websites having different information, and people have taken
benefits from it. If anybody needs to send mail to his/her family and friends.
For this reason, the internet provides an E-mail facility, so that you can
easily touch with your family and friends. As time passes the internet has also
used to develop. You can use the internet to send different kinds of data. However,
sometimes the third party can use and publish your secret data publicly. In
addition, this kind of illegal step could be dangerous for other people
concerned and for you as well. 

safer internet day International


the companies, which are related to Information technology, have come to the
point that there is a need for internet data security so that they could be
safe. This kind of thought produces also in Asia. So, for this reason, 30th
November was declared the Internet security day. So every year on this date
people related to the internet celebrates this day from its declaration. On
this day Information Technology Companies held a seminar for this reason, that
how could we protect important internet/computer data from third-party OR
publicly. Such an idea is more exposed when recently you must have heard the
stories about Wikileaks disclosure. This website has disclosed published
important data on the website. 

addition, anxiety has spread in the world. However, we do not know what purpose
of these disclosures is. However, we need security and protection for this
reason. That’s why Information technology companies take place seminar’s in
this regards so that they could find ways to protect important
internet/computer data, passwords, viruses, Buffer overflow attacks, Network
Layer security and other related things, which are concerned with internet and
computer. We should also think about it seriously and companies related to
information technology must hold a seminar so that common people can know and
aware of the internet security. In addition, the government must take serious
and concrete steps in this regards so that nobody can disclose such important
data on the internet as just as Wikileaks.