Of Islam Peace

culture and its values are different in many ways from Indian culture. It is
the reality that Muslims and Hindus have been living together for several
centuries, but Hindus have their viewpoint, and Muslims have their way of
thinking. Indian films have been showing in south Asia before the partition
between these two states (Pakistan-India).

the early times of Pakistan, Pakistani films were excellent and Pakistani
cinema was on the rise but because of the new technology, a VCR has made a new
mini cinema mostly every home in Pakistan. And this kind of technology got
penetrates Pakistani culture and society.

Film Industry

movies are an assault on Pakistani culture and Islamic religious values. It is
a projection, analysis of (alien) Indian culture and belief. The government
must ban such kinds of movies but not only Indian movies, but English movies
are also affected our youth and Pakistan culture and Islamic ethics. 

it is evident that discussion at the national level, morals hardly reflected
the public sentiment because of the popularity of some Indian entertainment
channels in Pakistani homes and a dominant view in the country, at least among
educated people, against any control by Pakistan or India on each other’s
television channels.

film, cinema board should urge people related to the film industry to play
their role in the revival of the industry. The writers and filmmakers both
should write and make films on the problems of the people not on the names of
robbers and dacoits and how they could be solved.

has lots of talent and our actors were showing their abilities in India but not
here because of the lack of quality material. The government of Pakistan must
resolve the problems and difficulties facing by the film industry.

Valley KPK Pakistan

in Swat, all the CD shops are back in its environment and people are enjoying
Indian movies without becoming anti-Pakistan or anti-Islam. Pakistani films
have been more distorted when the Musharraf government allowed the Indian
movies to be shown in Pakistani cinemas. 

generally rich-feudal parliamentarians sneak into their bedrooms to watch films
on CDs, and the rest in the parliament asking no questions about what
alternative entertainment can be given to the common person, they have no
answer in this regard. If you go on with argue, then music is banned and
uncovered women on TV are banned as well.

mow the “cable” has fulfilled the somewhat space in the entertainment world.
Our youth and especially illiterate people of the society’s way of thinking are
spoiling because of the obscenity of Indian movies and TV plays.

is why most every day in the news channels you were watched and listen about
the rape cases. Besides, especially rape cases were reported with young girls,
and after that, these cruel people kill these young girls. And our so-called
Islamic society is nothing to do with these devil activities. When obscenity
becomes common in the society especially in Islamic society then natural
calamities and disasters are being happened, such as post massive flood in the

clerical must do in this regard. And government must take serious steps in this
regard and the government must take such measures so that Islamic culture and
its values growing up in the right direction and society could be automatically
found in Islamic culture and practice Islamic laws and values, then we will
make such a society where all the people live in peace and respect each other
custom and moral values.