Boss Season 4

all media is engaged in the issue of “Veena Malik” visit and participated in
the Indian reality show ‘Bigg Boss 4. Because all the remaining issues relating
to the people of this country have been solved. There are other problems which
are against our culture and especially against Islamic. For instance, today
cable operators are showing CD and DVD films on TV which are showing obscenity which
is destroying our youth. 

bigg boss

government should put restrictions on such CD films. And Ulema (Islamic
Scholars) must forward in this respect because it is also the moral duty of
Ulema to teach the people in such a way so that people can live their lives on
the golden principles of Islam. It is blameworthy of that person who has
allowed VCR and Dish Antenna in the country.


all these unethical activities almost throughout the country, there is dark
pollution of obscenity. It is a matter of great concern. It is the world of the
internet so you will get easily porn websites on the net. Which is also harmful
and destroying our youth?

government should ban such kind of websites and the government should place a
filter in it so that every website should be check and then launch. It is a
saying when the pigeons before they feel any threat would have closed eyes and
understands that risk was averted; our government is acting like this way.

from the Islamic Ideology Council

ideology council should make such measurements and the council should forward
these measurements to the government and the government should implement such
rules on the media especially on showbiz so that no one can act like that in
the country or outside such action which is challenged from the people.

scholars and media and everyone in this country can live their life according
to the principles of Islam. No doubt and it is a reality that obscenity is not
allowed in any religion. I am not pointing out only ‘veena malik’ but rather I
extremely request to the core of my heart that please do not go outside, work
here in your home country because there are honor and dignity for you only in
your home country.

the people who are related to showbiz should not make such a scene which is
against our culture especially which are against Islam. Otherwise, our beloved
country and our youth will be ruined. Think today about that. Thank you!