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Tourism Corporation (STC) in relationship and collaboration with Swat hotels
association and Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) organized a one-day
seminar on the revival of tourism in swat valley as the peace and normally has
returned to the valley. So it is the duty of Pakistan tourism departments that
to bring back tourism in the peaceful Swat valley. It is now time for great
tourism from all over the country to visit the valley. It is stated in the
report and the seminar that the concerned authorities would arrange such
programs on various cultures in the area so that it boosts tourism so that the
visitors and culture and nature lovers would be attracted to the beautiful
nature and sceneries of the valley. Many hotels have been opened again to
facilitate the tourist in the region. 

malam jabba

Information about Swat Valley: 

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Swat valley the land of romance and beauty. The incredible greenery and lush-green Swat valley,
with its rushing fast-moving water, icy-cold lakes, fruit-laden orchards, besides
flower-decked slopes are superlative for sightseers and vacationers. The valley
of Swat spreads over 10,360 sq. km at an average height of 875 meters. The
maximum temperature in July is 38 Celsius, as well as the minimum (during
January), which is 1 Celsius. The normal temperature is a maximum of 21 Celsius
and a minimum of 7 Celsius. The tourist season is year-round. Saidu Sharif,
Mingora, and Murghzar, Malam Jabba, Madyan, Kalam, Miandam, and Bahrain are stunning
and beautiful places and sightseeing with respect.