is Telenor Pakistan’s significant mutual and corporate responsibility
program and idea. With Khuddar Pakistan, Telenor desires to change the lives of
persons with disabilities and solve the issue related to them and the challenges
they face today and before. 

khuddar pakistan disabilities


endeavors to change the community attitude by creating awareness about their
abilities. They would like to assist develop technologies that will allow
disabled people to actively and enthusiastically participate in society. They
pledge to join persons with disabilities entirely into our workforce.

promotes assistive technology training labs for disabled persons at the National
Institute of Special Education, National
Training Center

for Special Persons (NTCSP), as well as a Special Talent Exchange Program,

Telenor Pakistan for the first time in Pakistan, through its “Khuddar Pakistan
proposal endeavor, to produce and create distinguished opportunities for
Persons with Disabilities and become the most disabled-friendly organization in
Pakistan in provisions of service, employment, and social support.

other organizations also join the program then it will encourage more disabled

Pakistan Initiatives:

  • Specific
    management for a disabled person to access easily to offices.
  • Disabled
    people rights awareness leaflets to supply.
  • Awareness
    of disabled people’s problems through training workshops.
  • Successful
    experience of life-based on encouraging radio Programs.
  • Reception
    counter staff special training.