the women’s advancement, The 1st World Conferences for Women was apprehended in
Beijing, China in 1995. Pakistan contributes to this conference through a
powerful delegation and a sophisticated National report. The Beijing Conference
resulted in a Platform for Action (PFA) which the global society would execute
to improve the condition of women, focusing on gender equality, empowerment,
development, and improvement. 

women developments


Women Development Department was established as a detach Department during
1995-96 and was connected with the Social Welfare Department. Center staff
consisting of 8 posts including a Deputy Secretary and a Section Officer was
also authorized. However, it was isolated from the Social Welfare Department
and transmits to the Population Welfare Department in 1996. The Women
Development Department was for the first time reproduce in the ADP 1995-96 and
allocated a total quantity of Rs. 24.735 million. Presently the Department has
been merged with the Social Welfare Department in November 2001.

Women Development Department. NWFP is limited to Provincial Secretariat level having
no field staff to take care of the women associated problem at the grass-root
level, although it is theoretical to keep a close connection with a variety of
non-governmental organizations (NGOs), National and International Agencies
working in the Province, responsible for the implementation of projects about
Women Development. 

International Women’s Day: 

is the reason that, The United Nations originated celebrating
InternationalWomen’s Day in International Women’s Year, 1975. In 1977, the United Nations
General Assembly summoned member states to state publicly March 8 as the UN Day
for women’s rights as well as world peace.

& Functions:

foremost objectives and purpose of the Women Development Department are as

training, and implementation of Women Development plan, administration/inquiry
of schemes of Women related their processing for endorsement at the level of the
proficient forum.

carry out effectively the role of ensuring the perspective of women to
contribute growth and development of the province.

improvement of the position of women in NWFP.

build up a new policy to ensure the Women’s rights including legal, political
and Socio-cultural rights.

create awareness and provide legal safety of women and children’s rights in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa
in the illumination of CEDAW.

of NPA in the light of FWCW held in Beijing, China, in September 1995.

provide counseling services and financial support to womenfolk to set up micro-businesses
to improve their standard of living.

maximum opportunities for females to become contributing and fruitful citizens.

improve the educational condition of women.

Health Facilities.

income generation opportunities for womenfolk.

of inequity in education and employment, better information and communication
concerning women problems, on their rights and responsibilities.