There are a lot of illicit websites
which are still visiting by a lot of people in Pakistan, especially youngsters
on the internet from home and internet cafes. But both the government and the
society has no plan and policy in mind to stop these non-sense minds destroying
websites. In the News-paper and on the electronic media, the report said that
most of the people in Pakistan are visiting these kinds of websites on the net.
Because of this report, Pakistan’s percentage is highest against other
countries. It is very sad and shameful for us that, this is an Islamic country. 


Easily availability:

Unfortunately the problem remains;
there is no check on these sorts of websites on the internet. These kinds of
illicit things are easily available in most places. For-example of CD shops,
mini-cinema’s and so on. But the government and the society both are not
interested to confront such illicit materials. Besides this, all of these
non-sense materials are also available on the internet.

Unregistered Internet Cafes:

There are thousands of unregistered
internet cafes in an urban and rural area that provide all kinds of privacy for
such activities. The youngsters whose ages are between 13-16 are the most group
who are visiting these kinds of websites. Our younger generation is going to
destroy but, both government and the society are still watching all these
non-sense as a quiet audience. It needs awareness in the entire society and
especially the “Ulema” can play a better role in this regard. This is not only
the major issues of society but also for the government as well. A weak role
played by law enforcement authorities is the major factor in promoting the exposure
of children to pornography. There is a lack of legislation.

Government Must Take Serious

Government of other countries likes,
Saudi Arabia and the UAE have installed filter for porn websites. The Pakistani
government must take the same action. It is not possible to control all such
illicit websites, but officials along with social rejection can deter and
confront such materials on the net. Hundreds of such illicit websites are added
per day on the net. These kinds of websites are spoiling our children’s minds.
If the problem remains then it will so dangerous for our society. If the
youngster will do practically such kinds of illicit activities then they will
involve in extremely dangerous diseases. Such as (HIV and AIDS).

Awareness Campaign:

Western countries are facing such
kinds of diseases because of the free society. The government must run a comprehensive
awareness campaign against such activities so that our society can save from
the massive destruction. But it is the collective responsibility of the community
and the government to keep a check over these elements in their respective
areas. We must not ignore such kinds of illicit activities. This is our
responsibility and duty as a Muslim and as a human being to take serious notice
of such illicit activities (If any nation or groups of people generally do some
illicit activities then the people of that community face dreadful diseases and
natural disasters like flood, strong hurricane and so on). Be practical. Wake
up Pakistanis & Wake up World!