can behave aggressively as they engross how to properly express their feelings otherwise


American Academy of Pediatrics offers these recommendations for parents when
children behave violently:

behavior in kids:

  • Illuminate
    and teach your child the directions of the home, as well as be consistent in
    enforcing them.
  • Remove
    lure and temptation (such as keeping prohibited kinds of stuff out of reach) to
    assist in decrease occurrences of irritabilities and aggressive behavior.
  • Smile
    at and praise admiration for the child for decent behavior.
  • Clarify
    and explain to your child that peacefully using suitable words is a better
    manner to express resentment than biting, beating, or kicking.
  • Stress
    that it’s not significant who started aggressive conduct behavior and that it’s
    certainly not proper to act aggressively or too unhappy and hurt someone.
  • For
    children as young as one year, use a break to help the child cool down.