March 1940 27th annual meeting of the Muslim League was held in Lahore. This
historic meeting in Lahore in Minto Park, Iqbal Park today nominated
sub-continent from the Muslim League platform to solve the political problem
consists of the Muslim-dominated areas demanded the establishment of a Muslim
state. Although the resolution was introduced in 1940 its background is spread
over almost a century. Indian Muslims in the subcontinent was ruler for
centuries, later on, they have seen the day of slavery in their own country.
Muslims seeking freedom in the slavery-era they are desperate to achieve


of Muslim League:

failure of the 1857 war of independence was linked to this series. Muslim’s
thinking was changing under circumstances. The behavior of many other nations
in the sub-continent Muslims forced to struggle for their rights. Pakistan’s
concept was not the creation of an emergency or emotional situation. Muslims
had thought for centuries and decided in the light of experience. The resolution
of Pakistan has a milestone position in the Pakistan movement. The Muslim
League annual meeting began in Minto Park Lahore on 20 March 1940.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah Speech:

Mohammad Ali Jinnah presided over the meeting. In his speech on March 22, he
explained India’s political background. Muslims and Hindus are two separate
nations. Both the nations are religiously, historically, culturally as well as
many further aspects are recognized distinctly from each other. Islam and
Hinduism as a religion in the profound dissimilarity. The main beliefs of
Hinduism comparable with Islam do not have any applicability. Islam is a religion
to offer a complete system. That such a system is fully functional.

and concept of a separate Muslim state Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah to
prove to several international examples. The word Pakistan was not used wherever
in Lahore Resolution 1940. On the other hand, as soon as the resolution is approved.
Hindu newspapers and all India Congress had named the resolution, as the resolution
of Pakistan and Hindus had started opposition against it. Finally, after a long
struggle and many sacrifices, Pakistan came into being on 14 August 1947.

The Event

Day (23rd March) is commencing with a traditional way by Pakistani troops with
21 guns salute.

Must Respect our Home Country Independence:

a nobleman said that this home country of Pakistan is just like a camel of the
Prophet Hazrat Saleh (P.B.U.H). The approach the people of Prophet Saleh have
not treated the camel with pride. Almighty Allah has shown the torment due to
their immoral conduct. Thus we have not even respect our country. The country
is suffering due to the current trouble and uncertainty situation is because of
this worthlessness. That’s why we are also now suffering from all kinds of
problems. If we will not struggle for the honor and dignity of this country.
Our situation will be not less than like the nation of Prophet Hazrat Saleh
(P.B.U.H). We should all of us live in their places to fulfill their
responsibilities. It is our moral duty. WAKE UP PAKISTANIS!