weird, strange-looking animal appeared in the Dhikki area of the city, which scared
the local people. Pangolin is also known as the spiny anteater they are
mammals. This animal is pangolin with four-4 feet in length and 1.5 feet high.
The animal has fish-like stone-hard scales on its skin. The animal is set apart
by its shyness, as it ducks its head under the belly, watching people
approaching near. The animal’s skin is used in certain countries in
dressmaking. Likewise, the pangolin is a favorable dish in China.

are unique animals. They live in Africa and Southeast Asia, live a traditional
lifestyle, eat ants and termites, and in case of danger, they turn into a ball
with strong and sharp scales. Most of which hunters can not deploy.

Pangolins have no great social life. During
the day when they sleep or rest in holes in the ground (or in trees, forest
species, and when they are young), and in the evening they slowly go out to
hunt insects.