Computers Types:

Each computer word we use for the device which have micro processor most of the people have such opinion. Computer is a device from the user through mouse or keyboard to get input to perform a little action and then result will display on the screen. Now here we will describe some features about computers.

Computers Types. 

Personal Computer:

PC, word we use for such a computer for example any common man use it for general use. While MAC is PC. But people generally think that PC is only that a window’s operating system working on. In the beginning these PC before was known as micro computers. They were the completed computers but were made for small scale.



A desktop computer which was designed in such way so that they can be taken from one place to another place. Because you can set such computers on permanent place.


They also called a Notebook. You can take this kind of computer with you to any place so easily. You can recharge it and such computer can work for about 3 to 5 hours non stop. These kinds of computers are very useful now a day. There are several sizes of Laptop available in the market.


(PDA). They also called “Personal Digital Assistant” Such a computer usually use Flash memory instead of hard drive. Such computers have not a keyboard. Touch technology is used in such computers to achieve result.