giant British petroleum oil spill is the greatest oil disaster in history. It
has endangered thousands of wildlife habitats if immediate actions are not
taken this oil pollute the entire Gulf of Mexico and is expected to spread
further on. The Gulf of Mexico spilled blamed for the existing problem.

are now busy holding each other responsible with BP (British Petroleum) the
third-largest energy corporation in the world, getting the blame for the spill.
Oil giant in the red for the first time.


Deep-water Horizon is a submersible, to place below water, huge, floating
drilling rig that operates in water up to 8000 feet deep and it can drill below
to 30,000 feet. Its basic job was to dig in deep-sea floors and find the
availability of oil underwater. For this process, it can dig deep into the
ocean floor and create wells so that the oil to place under the water.

lease of this drilling giant was given to BP in March 2008, which would carry
on to September 2013. In the year 2010, it was set to be drilling a huge well
in the floor of the sea, which would be 5,000 feet deep. It will cost about 32.2
billion dollars to clean up.


high pressure from the well, causing a huge explosion. On 20 April 2010,
because of the methane gas, leaving the rig break suddenly and destroyed,
before this happened, several of the workers did express their concerns over
the good control. The plan was to install the production casing and get it

the cemented process will be completed then it would be examined, tested, and
completed. The place was set on fire approximately for 36-hours; all the
efforts were useless to extinguish the high flames. The whole giant burnt until
it exposed and sank on the morning of 20th April 2010. After that the real
disaster has happened, it was a shocking moment for worldwide

A massive
oil slick is started and then spread over the huge surrounding area and the
authorities were not able to cope with and did not cap the well, the cause was
the huge explosion. The oil started to move into the Gulf of Mexico. It was a
serious matter. The cause of the explosion was not described in detail, but
they briefly stated that the cause was the hydraulic leak with a failed

Disaster in the Area

is approximately judged and estimated that the oil leak is flowing in the area
at 162,000 barrels per day. The oil leaking is continued from the day of the
explosion. The oil slick moved at a high and fasten rate because of the intense
change of weather and now the situation is more severe and they are

oil reached the shores of Mississippi after traveling through Louisiana,
Alabama, and other surrounding cities of the United States of America. Many of
the aquatic creatures have been died because of the environmental disaster.
Unfortunately, BP was unsuccessful to control the situation in the area.

its efforts were useless and worthless. Environmentalists worried that it would
take a long time for the ecosystem to restore. It is hoped that British
Petroleum and all concerned authorities and government would take immediate and
serious steps to control the situation. However, all in vain no results so the
departure of the existing CEO of BP is confirmed and the new CEO is taking
charge of the BP. An American Bob Dudley.


the situation has been normal. The authorities have cleared the oil-polluted
area and it is now safe for tourists to visit. It seems in the picture that the
US-President barrack Obama and his daughter are swimming in the area where the
environmental disaster has happened. It is a clear signal for the worldwide
tour that the area has been clean, clear from the oil pollution, and is ready
for tour and swimming.