auto company BYD plans to bring on the all-electric car in enough members to
the US market in 2010. The company chairman Wang chuanfu told the wall street
journal that the company which part-owned by the investor, Warren Buffet is now
gearing up for our push.

BYD electric car china

strategies to increase money by offering shares in the company in China to assist
in money matters in the development. The car which takes 7 to 9 hours fully
charges and has a 250-mile range.


BYD is still not well known with most consumers, the company has a lot of
attention, because of 230 $ million investment. BYD seems to be one of the
prime candidates in making electric cars for the vast market.

has five seats. Initially, it is available to government agencies, utilities,
and maybe some celebrities in a specific region. As well as for the second
production line for automobile Lithium-Ion batteries near BYD Shenzhen

and Capacity

capacity of the batteries allowing a range of 100 plus miles. It is a 35 KWH
lithium-Latinate solution battery packs. The nominal voltage of the modules and
the 35 KW battery pack is 13.6 V and 380 V respectively. An on-board charger
which will allow for 5 to 6 hours charging from a 220 V outlet. The phoenix SUT
and SUV. The range is approximately 130 miles. We are currently working on
extending the range to 250 miles.