Systems are rising and developing an innovative ocean energy technology in
Australia that will utilize bionics to imitate natural systems in sequence to
make and produce energy. Both bio-stream and bio-wave technologies use
biomimicry, which refers to the alteration and adaptation of biological
behavior in engineered systems.

Systems have a derivative a lot of the useful traits from natural systems in
the growth of the latest ocean energy adaptation systems. The company is
researching this new technology for the application. Laboratory assessment has
been accomplished in 2007, and complete ocean-based prototypes have been tested
in 2008. Commercial units are anticipated to attain the market by the end of



momentum systems of Thunniform mode swimming species for instance shark, tuna,
and mackerel have been optimized by natural collection and are known to be up
to 90% well-organized at converting body energy into propulsive force. The
bio-stream tidal energy conversion system is a set and fixed device in a moving
stream impersonates the form and motion of natural species. The propulsion
technique is upturned and the energy in the passing flow is used to force the
device motion against the resisting torque of the o-drive electrical generator.

to the particular point of rotation, this appliance can line up with the flow
in any direction and can believe a streamlined configuration to keep away from
excess loading in severe conditions. Systems are being developed for 500 kW,
1000 kW, and 2000 kW capacities to equal conditions in different locations.


bio-wave is a wave energy adaptation system based on the influential motion of
sea plants in the existence of ocean waves. The hydrodynamic communication and
interaction of the blades with the swing flow field is designed for maximum
energy absorption over the complete water deepness. The bio-wave incarcerates
an extensive swath of occurrence wave energy without using a large rigid configuration
and continually self-orients with the wave course.

safety, the system is planned to finish operating and lie flat against the
sub-aquatic during severe and stormy wave conditions. Instead of resisting the
forces of the deep-sea, the bio-wave moves with the wave forces and thus
converts energy constantly without needs a profound and expensive engineered


bio-wave and bio-stream systems both alter ocean energy to mechanical energy
via fluctuation about a single axis. Bio-power Systems has developed a sole
electrical generator unit to convert the low-speed large-torque oscillations to
AC power. This unit is modular, self-contained, and simply detached and
recovers for uncommon servicing. The O-DRIVE combines a simple single-stage
give in return gear method with a direct-drive harmonized permanent magnet
generator and high-inertia flywheel, consequential in continuous release of
smooth AC power.


  • Independent,
    unmanned, low insurance, and fixed cost.
  • Easy
    two-part installation needs no particular tools or vessel.
  • Machine
    lies flat against seabed during a severe situation, permit for low design load
  • Environmentally
  • Zero
    illustration impact.
  • Small
    marks and the smallest seabed interruption.
  • Slow,
    natural undertaking, soundless operation, and no damage to sea life.
  • No
    considerable alteration to natural currents, salinity, or turbidity.
  • No
    spreading of any pollutants or foreign materials into the environment.


  • Continuously
    self-orienting to line up with the direction of wave proliferation.
  • Large
    flounce area to maximize power detain (up to 2MW per unit).
  • Direct-drive
    power adaptation.
  • Hydro
    energetically optimized.
  • Naturally
    modified for survival.


Systems is an innovative energy and power company that has a particular
location in Australia. It was founded by Dr. Timothy Finnigan, a marine
engineer at the University of Sydney and ex- Technical Director of Energetech
Australia. The company utilizes bionics to commercialize award-winning
biomimetic deep-sea energy conversion technologies. Like wind and solar energy,
ocean energy has the potential to produce into a billion-dollar industry.

Systems is in a sole position to incarcerate important segments of both the
wave energy and tidal energy markets. Whereas these markets have up till now to
be entirely distinct, there are many indicators of the prospective and
potential for fast market development subsequent preamble of profit-making
know-how or technologies.