our daily life. If we attempt to get liberate of plastics altogether from our
lives, we know that it is somewhat unrealistic. So what is the subsequently
finest thing? We can recycle plastic in such a method that it is economical and
creates clean and green energy for our daily utilization. Industrial designer
Chris Allen has come about with an inventive response to the difficulty of
plastic waste. He named his project The Plastic Plan. This project requires
millions of plastic bottles together with their caps. 

plastic bottle energy

can acquire these plastic bottles from landfills and carbon-intensive recycling
plants. The next pace is to convert these plastic bottles into thousands of
cubes that can float on the ocean surface. Now after having thousands of
related these cubes can be joined collectively to form an offshore structure.
This structure’s size is similar to three football fields. These structures are
heaped one on top of the other.

as a minimum, we have done one first-class accomplishment, that is to say,
removed those plastic bottles from the landfills. Now they are floating on the
sea surface and they are prepared to be utilized as energy-producing and
storage platforms. The center proposal is that now a raised reservoir of
recycled substances is all set. Now we can use clean and green energy devices,
for instance, solar, solar electric pump, wind, wind turbine pump, or
wave/current powered pumps and increase them on this base.

objective is to pump seawater 30 meters or more into the reservoir. Water is
pumped into the reservoir by hundreds or thousands of clean energy pumps. Now
the similar water is released a large ‘dam’ sized hydroelectric turbines at the
base of the platform. This procedure uses the changeable energy produced by
numerous small solar, wind, wave pumps and converts it into a much tough more
consistent, and reliable clean energy. Electricity thus produced will be strong
adequate to be cabled to coast. From around this electricity can be transported
to the current power grid.

plan assists in reducing the plastic ravage and uses it to make a kind of dam
on the ocean. It also deals with the problems of refuse in water levels in
dammed rivers. Chris Allen discovers the Gulf of Mexico offshore of New Orleans
as the ideal location for the first cluster of islands. Chris Allen considered
if we will be capable to harness appropriately and at a scale no one ever
thought of, this plan may provide an answer to the growing energy crisis and
fuel the world with clean, zero-emission energy and pollution-free energy.