from the eyes to stare at them are not considered good pot anywhere. Now with
the help and use of full eye-tracking technology, the computer monitors will
run. A laptop was inaugurated last days, which is operating at the behest of
Eye moving. Anyone with eyes to control computer will be able to increase their
speed, even if you used to play any game. A Swedish company a Tobii
made the system. Such a computer, which is control by tracking,
will be soon available in the market for commercial use. This system is
operating with the help of a couple of infrared lights, which are invisible. 

Tobii eye tracking

Computer Functions: 

hidden cameras with eye movement and note the reflection out from every eye. If
you have even put your glasses, you can use this computer. The purpose of this
technology is not that you get rid of, mouse, touch screen and keyboard, but it
is an additional facility to increase computer speed. It will also improve the
computer’s functions. Whenever you wish you can control whether your computer
on traditional or conventional ways. The company which is preparing eye-tracking
tools for Scientists or disabled persons says that this Laptop illustrates eye-tracking
technology that can be used for common purposes also. 


laptop says that our laptop equipped with ‘
Tobii’ eye-tracking cameras
technology but it is twice thick than a normal laptop. However, it is preparing
now for general commercial use. That design will be thin. The Cebit technology
show will be held in the city of Hanover in Germany. Lenovo and Tobii have made
20 laptops presented in this technology show. Today’s world without a concept
of computer is not considered. Now to use such an essential device there are innovative
methods are coming to display in the computer world. For instance, ‘tablet
computer, iPad, and the touch screen has popular for Smartphone etc. 


Nintendo’s Wii game console has introduced its motion-sensing technology to common
consumers. Microsoft Computer Company has presented for its Xbox console game
‘a physical action movement system. An infrared camera has been installed in
this system. Eye-tracking technology is brand new in this context.