believed it has joined with numerous leading Chinese PV makers to include
Solion patterned ion implantation into volume production by mid-year. Varian has
recognized commitments with over seven Chinese PV manufacturers who see
Solion’s potential for speed up their drive to grid equivalence by carrying out
the accuracy and control needed for high-efficiency cells while simplifying the
manufacturing development to decrease the in general charge per watt.

facilitates and enables solar module manufacturers to get an amalgamation of
enlarged cell efficiency at lower production prices by substituting
conventional diffusion doping processes with ion implant. Besides that, to
greater precision and process control for improved junction features, this
advancement removes manifold manufacturing pace, improves cell equality, and
enables extensively tighter binning.

Solion users have before now accepted the enabling patterned implant technology
to make crystalline solar cells in volume with conversion efficiencies over 19
percent. Patterned implantation deals with an apparent roadmap to efficiencies
of 22 percent at cheap charges per watt.

strong market significance in Solion from so many Chinese PV manufacturers
additional validates the cost of implant for manufacturing high efficiency, low-cost
solar cells, believed Varian’s Chief Executive Officer Gary Dickerson. We are
precise enthusiastic to be joined with some of the market leaders in the
fast-rising region for the production of solar cells. The combination of local
manufacturing know-how with Varian’s technology leadership and outstanding
support will enable the PV industry to acquire a massive step forward towards
getting grid parity.

explains on Varian’s 35-year the past direction in ion implant for the
semiconductor industry, in addition to the industry standard Varian VIISta
product line, which has more than 1,200 units in the field. On the other hand,
Solion is a completely advanced platform that reproduces the necessities and
priority of PV module manufacturers, along with the fresh ability to perform
patterning and doping in a single step using proprietary Precision Patterned Implant

clients also gain from Varian’s exceedingly considered universal service
organization, having succeeded and won the coveted VLSI Research Award for 13
of the last 14 years. Which is a great achievement for the company?