Petrol prices and to avoid environmental destruction work is continuing in all
directions. Not new vehicles but also new fuel is being developed. In this
context, British scientists have announced a breakthrough. Besides, told that
they made such a fuel that is based on hydrogen. Which does not create adverse
health gas? It has not only been invented but three to five years will also be
available in petrol pumps. Its great benefit is that there is no need for modification
in vehicles or engines. It will be used as a common engine of current fuel. It
is a cost-effective fuel. It has been experimentally successful. 

Scientist Struggling  

British scientists to use and refine for large scale. Its basic component is
hydrogen, not carbon. When it burns then the environment will be safe. There
will be no carbon-dioxide emissions. Project director Professor Stephen
Bennington, who is busy, preparing for the new fuel, says that it has three
times more energy than petrol. When it burns, it makes only water. This new
kind of fuel is used in both vehicles and airplanes. A gallon will be getting
in one-half dollars.