demand and requirement of Energy have increased enormously during the last few
decades in Pakistan; the same and similar is anticipated to rise more in the
coming years. Solar Energy is the likely clean and low-cost renewable resources
available in the country. The utilization of such a natural source of energy
available in the country now. The use of such naturally existing energy resources
can properly be utilized in the remote and distant areas of FATA where the
supply and maintenance of electric supply from the national grid is very
expensive and difficult.

Supply of Electricity

scattered and distantly situated villages of FATA are either deprived of
electricity or the power supply available is vague and with irregular/low
voltage. Like other parts of the country, the exploitation of alternate energy
resources also holds the most important and initial significance in FATA.
Because of this cause and reason, the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa also
rises to initiate studies for the feasibility of alternative and renewable
energy resources and provide solar energy units in FATA.