world’s incredibly first 3D Smartphone will be revealed by LG at Mobile World
Congress (MWC) the occasion has been held on February 14 in Barcelona, Spain. On
the occasion, there will a live demo of LG’s 3D Smartphone. The LG Optimus 3D
is an endeavor to concentrate on the lack of such a Smartphone and the need for
3D content matter. Users will experience a fully 3D experience exactly in the
palm of their hands. Focused on the 3D elements only the Smartphone appear and
available with a dual-lens camera presenting 3D recording, the screen display
is a glasses-free LCD offering 3D presentation viewing, HDMI and DNLA for 3D
content sharing. LG company will endow with and provide full and complete
information details for the LG Optimus 3D at Mobile World Congress. 

LG Optimus 3D