Company AeroVironment, Inc. has declared a victorious flight test of the tiny
robot spy Hummingbird sample, which the company has been functioning on since
2006. The handcrafted model aircraft has a wingspan of 16 centimetres (6.5
inches) tip-to-tip and has an inclusive flying weight of 19 grams, which is a
smaller amount than the weight of a common AA battery. This comprises all the
systems requisite for flight; batteries, motors, communications systems and
video cameras. The aircraft can be built-in with a detachable body fairing,
which is formed to have the manifestation of an actual and real hummingbird. 

Nano Hummingbird


mini spy plane can fly up to 11 miles an hour and acquired five years to
develop at a cost of $4 million. The
Nano Hummingbird is an element of the Phase
II agreement honored by the
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
for the Nano Air Vehicle (
NAV) program and has both flights of the imagination
and surveillance prospective potential.