are such a creation of
Allah Almighty. Which their benefits are countless. A human
being is made changes in genetic terms.
Anti-terror war is a big problem for the
United States. Where bombs or explosives have been placed, to trace the
explosive devices caught on the time it is very significant. Such plants are
now prepared, which will be used for bomb detection. U.S. scientists modified
plants in such a way, if some certain chemicals have placed around with them,
it will change its color. Professor John Medford has done with his team successful
research for the
U.S. Department of Defense

spy plants

System of Plants: 

plants have their own natural immune system. Which has improved? Plants have
been taught that some chemicals and explosives that they not only trace but
detect also pollution in water and air and make your color change. The entire
process was completed with the help of modern technology and designed a new
computer. Professor says that the detective plant concept has been directly
taken from nature. Ability in such plants received it is more than a dog
detective. This kind of ability can be admitted to any plant. The U.S. Defense
has provided them a fund of about $ 7-9 million. Therefore, it may
quickly start practical use of this discovery.