Pakistan Announces Plans for 5G Auction Within the Next
10 Months 

The concerned federal government has announced the
auction of the fastest internet service, 5G, within the next 10 months. Prior
to the current government, the elected government had also announced the
auction of 5G multiple times and initially, it was possible to sell it in 2020,
but due to various reasons, it could not be done. Similarly, the former elected
government had announced the introduction of 5G technology up to the end of
2021 and then 2022, but it could not be implemented. Now, the concerned federal
government has announced that the auction of 5G licenses will be held in the
next 10 months. 

5G Internet

According to the Ministry of Information and Technology,
Federal Minister Dr. Omar Saif met with Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication
Authority (PTA) Major General (Retired) Hafeez-ur-Rehman during which it was
decided that the auction of 5G licenses would be held in the next ten months.
The statement issued by the ministry stated that during the meeting, detailed
discussions were held on telecommunications, 5G action, and spectrum, during
which it was decided that action would be taken on 5G within the next ten
months. During this time, Federal Minister for IT, Dr. Omar Saif, said that in
5G action, hurdles would be removed on a priority basis. Taxes, telecom density
issues, and spectrum-related issues will be resolved. 

It should be noted that 5G is 100 times faster than the
current mobile internet connection, while it is 10 times faster than broadband
connections in homes. Smartphone and computer technology company Samsung
introduced the 5G home router in 2018, which had a speed of 4 gigabits per
second, or it can be said that it was 500 megabits per second, with the help of
which a 50 GB file can be downloaded in just two minutes, and a full HD movie
can be downloaded in four minutes. 

speed of 5G will also be affected by congestion and other obstacles. However,
experts believe that even then it will be significantly faster than 4G LTE.
With the advent of 5G technology in Pakistan, the use of other modern
technologies, including driverless cars, will also be possible.