You can run additional accounts in the same application
on WhatsApp 

The world’s largest messaging application, WhatsApp, has
now introduced its biggest and most important feature to date, allowing users
to run multiple accounts through a single application. This feature, which was
in testing since June 2021 and was initially rolled out for only a few users on
June 19, 2023, is now available for all users, according to the website WABetaInfo. 

WhatsApp new feature

However, the multi-account support feature in the
WhatsApp update has been introduced in the beta version for Android devices,
and currently, it is only available to a few users, with the plan to make it
accessible to all users in the coming days. 

WhatsApp Introduces Multi-Account Support on Single App 

Under this feature, a user can run only one additional
account in a single application, but in the future, WhatsApp may introduce a
feature to run more than two accounts. This means that each user can log in to
an additional account on the same WhatsApp application and device, just like
Facebook or Twitter’s account-switching feature. Through this feature, users
can switch between different accounts by clicking on their name dropdown arrow
in the WhatsApp settings menu or adding a new account. 

it is not clear from the report whether WhatsApp Business and messaging app
multiple accounts can be run simultaneously or not. This feature is being
touted as WhatsApp’s most prominent and significant feature to date, making it
easier for users to manage their personal, work, business, and social
information separately.