Delicious Chicken Skewer Kebab Paratha Roll Recipe 

Paratha Roll Recipe 


700 grams of chicken mince, 

1 skewer of kebab

5 grams of fresh coriander, 

5 grams of mint, 

15 grams of onions, 

grams of fenugreek leaves, 

3 tablespoons of cooking oil, 

6 tablespoons of

1 teaspoon of white pepper powder, 

1 tablespoon of lemon juice, 

tablespoons of cream, 

4 parathas, 

2 tablespoons of tamarind sauce, 

10 grams of

2 tablespoons of green chili sauce, 

and 4 pieces of butter paper. 

Seekh Kabab Paratha Roll Recipe

How to Prepare: 

Take chicken mince in a bowl and mix it with skewer kebab seasoning, fresh
coriander, mint, onions, and fenugreek leaves. Mix well and refrigerate for an
hour. Now, shape the prepared mince into kebabs. Heat cooking oil in a pan and
fry the kebabs until done or prepare them on charcoal. Take a separate
container, add mayonnaise, and mix it with white pepper powder, lemon juice,
and cream to prepare the sauce. Take a paratha and spread the prepared sauce on
it. Place the cooked kebabs, tamarind sauce, onion slices, and cabbage, and wrap it
in butter paper. Your delicious skewer kebab paratha roll is ready!