What did users search for on Wikipedia in the year 2023

Wikipedia searches across the globe, individuals pose numerous questions, and when seeking solutions, they often refer to Wikipedia search. In the current year alone, English wikipedia has garnered approximately 92 billion views, as reported by the Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit organization overseeing Wikipedia.

Do you remember what you searched on the internet during the past year? And what caught your eye the most from that search? It’s possible you don’t remember. However, the online free encyclopedia Wikipedia has released details on this matter. According to the English version of Wikipedia, in the year 2023, this website was visited by more than 84 billion users to obtain various information. Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia operated under the non-profit organization Wikimedia Foundation, based in the city of San Francisco, USA. 





According to Wikipedia, the most-read article in 2023 was related to chatgpt. chatgpt is an online chatbot powered by Artificial Intelligence, and it has gained a lot of popularity in the past year. In November 2022, a startup in the United States, OpenAI, introduced chatgpt, after which it is being discussed not only in educational institutions, medical centers, legal consultations but also in religious institutions. Along with this, there is ongoing discussion about the implications of Artificial Intelligence. 

Another article that was most read, according to Wikipedia, was about the annual list of deaths of famous personalities. The articles about the dates of deaths of famous personalities are read by a large number of people every year. The website has stated that in 2021, this article was the most-read, while in 2022, it was at the fourth position in the most-read articles. In 2023, prominent figures Matthew Perry and actress Liz April were featured in the articles about the deaths of notable personalities. 

Announcing wikipedia search most popular articles of 2023

Wikipedia started compiling and releasing the statistics for the most-read articles on search since 2015. For the first time in the past eight years, it happened that an article related to cricket made it to the top ten. In 2023, the article about the Cricket World Cup in India was the third most-read article on Wikipedia. Articles related to cricket, including the Cricket World Cup, are among the top 25 most-read articles. On the website the fourth most-read article is about the Indian Premier League (IPL).

The top-viewed articles in 2023 reflect the collective quest for knowledge about our dynamic world through the lens of the world’s largest encyclopedia.

Your inquisitiveness unveils the thrill of exploration, the sorrow of premature loss, the excitement of a cricket championship, the enchantment of a cinematic day, and the jubilation of experiencing your beloved singer.

This encapsulates the essence of 2023 as seen through your perspective. 

Additionally, Wikipedia stands out as the sole leading global website operated by a nonprofit organization, the Wikimedia Foundation. Its predominant funding comes from millions of readers who contribute to its independent model. The mission is to uphold the availability and significance of free knowledge on this informational website and various Wikimedia projects, ensuring these valuable resources remain accessible to billions of individuals worldwide. 

“Exploring the Tapestry of 2023: A Heartfelt Journey into Wikipedia’s Most Searched Topics”.

These are the top 25 most-popular English articles of 2023 based on pageviews.

  1. ChatGPT, 52,565,681 pageviews
  2. Deaths in 2023, 48,549,304
  3. 2023 Cricket World Cup, 38,723,498
  4. Indian Premier League, 32,456,338
  5. Oppenheimer (film), 31,265,503
  6. J. Robert Oppenheimer, 28,681,943
  7. Cricket World Cup, 26,390,217
  8. Jawan (film), 23,112,884
  9. Taylor Swift, 22,179,656
  10. The Last of Us (TV series), 21,000,722
  11. 2023 Indian Premier League, 20,813,029
  12. Pathaan (film), 20,614,066
  13. Premier League, 19,968,486
  14. Barbie (film), 19,930,916
  15. Cristiano Ronaldo, 19,287,757
  16. United States, 18,135,421
  17. Matthew Perry, 17,882,508
  18. Lionel Messi, 17,768,818
  19. Animal (2023 film), 16,988,676
  20. Elon Musk, 16,026,256
  21. India, 15,200,006
  22. Avatar: The Way of Water, 15,062,733
  23. Lisa Marie Presley, 14,812,928
  24. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, 14,170,970
  25. Leo (2023 Indian film), 13,994,461 

Source: Wikipedia.