WhatsApp Introduced a Feature to use by name without phone number

Introducing the feature to use WhatsApp by name without phone number

The world’s largest instant messaging application, WhatsApp, is working on a project to make the platform easier and better for users. However, it is now reported that WhatsApp is introducing a unique feature, which has the potential to change the concept of messaging applications. Yes, there is news that a feature allowing WhatsApp to be operated without a phone number but with a username is in development, and testing has already begun.

According to the update tracking website, after Android mobile users, now the web version of WhatsApp has also provided access to the feature of creating a username for users. Currently, the feature is accessible to a limited number of users in restricted countries, and after successful testing, it may be introduced. 




Under this feature, users can search for others on WhatsApp using their username rather than their phone number. Similar to how one can search for a person on a Facebook or Twitter account using a username, WhatsApp users can now be searched using their username.

Although this feature is being introduced with security in mind, it can pose a risk for some users, as anyone can search for them using their username. Under this feature, users have the option to create their username with any name or words, including numbers, instead of their actual name. Additionally, users will have the flexibility to change their username multiple times easily. It is premature to say when this feature will be released, but it is possible that it will be introduced in the coming months.