great feature for iPhone users, problem solved.
iPhone users around the world will now be able to unlock the device’s screen
with a face mask.

the spread of the coronavirus, where the use of masks has become mandatory,
mobile phone users face difficulties in unlocking the device’s screen with the
help of a face. 

Apple iPhone

to the face mask, the screen of the device does not scan the user properly,
which causes the mask to be removed, but the iPhone administration is going to
solve this problem for its users.

is working on a new Face ID feature, which will allow the device to be unlocked
even with a mask on. This feature is currently available in the beta version of
iOS 14.5 and feature in the beta version of the Apple Watch OS 7.4. , Which
will help unlock devices automatically even when wearing a face mask

Apple iPhone

is working to make this feature available to all consumers. While this feature
will work only through the Apple Watch which has to be worn on the wrist after
which the iPhone can be unlocked with Face ID.

the Apple Watch will be given an option that can be turned off automatically.