gradual increase in the average temperature of the earth is called global
warming. What are the factors and elements that are causing global warming?

Causes of Global warming:

are some gases in our Earth’s atmosphere that are semi-permanent but long-lasting.

gases become part of our climate not naturally but as a result of a variety of
factors occurring on Earth.

include carbon dioxide, methane, and chlorofluorocarbons in particular.

inclusion in the climate is causing the earth’s temperature to rise. We,
humans, are largely responsible for the increase in these gases in the air.

burning of biofuels, deforestation, and the beginning of the Industrial
Revolution has seen an increase in carbon dioxide levels.

relentless rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is causing changes that
cannot be reversed.

the gas emitted from AC refrigerators, etc., is causing the chlorofluorocarbons
to destroy the ozone layer from the Earth’s sphere, which is capable of
absorbing the sun’s rays.

and his inventions are largely responsible for the rise in the earth’s
temperature. Global warming is increasing the amount of land and moisture in
some parts of the world.

As a
result, most countries in the world are seeing an increase in the intensity of
summer heat. 

global warming climate change


rapid climate change is likely to damage plants and trees in forests. All of
the damage caused by global warming poses a threat to food and energy security
around the world.

Europe alone, 138,000 people have lost their lives in the last 20 years. The
death toll in Asia and Africa is alarming.

have concluded that the sun’s rays do not interfere with the environment, it is
all the result of human activity.

warming and our Responsibilities

United Nations Conference on Environment in Paris lasted from November 30 to
December 11, 2015.

importance can be gauged from the fact that in addition to the heads of 150
countries, the international media also took part in it and informed the whole
world about its aims and objectives.

all the existing governments are urging the planting of trees for the
realization of global warming, which is a good step, we have to understand that
planting trees alone will not solve this problem.

also need to think seriously about preventing other causes of carbon dioxide

Hour day

Earth Hour is celebrated around the world to express love for the earth.

Loving the earth and protecting the
planet from environmental pollution is the responsibility of every individual.

We have to play our full role in
protecting the earth from environmental pollution, both individually and

Extraordinary climatic changes are
taking place on Earth due to the increase in unnatural practices.

Plants absorb carbon dioxide. The increasing
proportion of which in the atmosphere is considered to be the basis of the
greenhouse effect.

That is, we can only get rid of
environmental issues by planting trees. Due to the plants and trees, the rain
also falls on time and more. The weather can change for the better.

wants a clean environment, but there are no practical steps. Trees are
essential for the supply of oxygen.

It should be considered that it is their national duty, everyone should participate in the tree-planting
campaign. In this case, the environment can be kept green and fresh.

Improving the environment is
everyone’s responsibility.

Environmental pollution and global warming have become an international problem.


Environmental degradation and
increased pollution have led to new pandemics. Most of these global epidemics are
still in the last three or four decades. His cure has not been discovered. The
coronavirus is currently at the top of the list.

The virus has so far infected more
than 104 million people and killed more than 2.27 Million of them.

Experts around the world are working
to develop a vaccine against the disease.

The virus not only claimed human
lives but also cost the world billions of dollars. The world economy, industry,
and trade were severely affected.

Lifestyles and routines of life were

The causes of environmental pollution are increasing day by day due to a lack of awareness and sense of
responsibility among the people.

We have to tie the knot ahead of
this catastrophe. For which every citizen individually recognizes his
responsibility and accepts it and gives it the color of collectivity and also
includes the people associated with him in this mission.

Despite all these facts, scientific
and environmental organizations around the world, especially in the United
States, reject global warming and climate change.

US President Donald Trump has also
distanced himself from the Paris agreement on global environmental protection,
which has taken the world by surprise.

New President Joe Biden has made
important decisions regarding global warming. Biden signed several such
resolutions shortly after taking office.

Which had been in demand for a long

This includes cases of the coronavirus,
immigration, and climate change.

Everyone thinks that this is not my
problem, although it is a collective problem and responsibility of all, from
which we are all collectively suffering the punishment of non-discharge.

is why it is called “act locally think globally“. The man
despises his efforts in this regard, but they are not insignificant, but help
to create a better natural environment on a global scale.

have to recognize that the world is rapidly dying out due to climate change and
global warming. It is our selfishness to ignore this serious issue.

can call it human nature or selfishness that man always turns away from issues
of collective interest.

now if we ignore issues like environmental pollution and global warming, it
will undoubtedly be like hitting our feet with an ax.

has maintained a balance between the environment and the climate, and when that
balance is disturbed, there is destruction on the planet.

is the duty of all human beings living on this earth to help maintain this


for Global warming:

to be a good citizen, everyone in society must grow a tree a year. Start
planting plants on the left and right of your house and the roofs of your

of setting fire to the garbage, throwing it out, dumping it in streams, start
putting it in drums, dust bins, consider it a crime to sit with others and
smoke cigarettes.

the habit of speaking loudly and blowing unnecessary horns. It is bad to drive
a smoky car.

is the job of governments to run awareness campaigns, legislate and ensure
their implementation.

this regard, it is necessary to establish a knowledgeable, honest, and competent

our problems are related to scientific and technical issues, whether they are
political or non-political, economic or social.

need to be solved on a more pragmatic and empirical basis than the politics of

this, the powerful political structure of the country must also be endowed with
scientific wisdom, the responsibility of which rests with the people.

of using polythene bags for shopping, start using cloth bags and use plastic
bags only for liquids as polythene bags never dissolve in the soil and wherever
they get stuck, greens and fodder stop growing.

are now entering a completely changed society, whose problems can only be
solved based on knowledge and science.

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