US polls 2020:

3, 2020, the US election is once again the focus of global attention in
American political history. In the United States, it will be election day, with
current US President Donald Trump running for the presidency among former US
Vice President Joe Biden, who has been active in US politics since the 1970s.

say that in the face of Donald Trump’s views and political thinking, Biden’s
extensive political experience, his expertise in domestic and foreign affairs,
and his position on equal rights for race and religion could help him succeed.

biggest reason for Biden’s popularity is that his statements are excellent. He
has also served as Vice President in the administration of former US President
Barack Obama. Therefore, he is well aware of people’s feelings and emotions.
They are also active in finding effective solutions to their problems and
issues. But Biden has yet to win the election. The biggest reason is the US
electoral system. 

US election polls 2020

will recall that in the 2016 US election, Hillary Clinton received nearly three
million more votes than her rival, Donald Trump. Public opinion was also in
favor of Hillary Clinton. But Hillary Clinton did not succeed despite getting
more votes.

few people know that in the United States, the successful candidate is chosen
under the electoral college system instead of a majority of votes. As the
results of the US election and the likes and dislikes of potential candidates
are increasingly expressed in public opinion polls, the graph of candidate
popularity continues from top to bottom until the last day of the election.

Electoral College System:

is the system of “Electoral College”? It is a presidential system in
which some votes are cast according to the population of each US state. Out of
580 electoral votes, the candidate who gets 270 votes is declared the winner.
To win in 14 other states, including Arizona, Virginia, Michigan, and Texas, a
candidate needs to get at least half the votes.

November 3 presidential race between Trump and Joe Biden will be even more
interesting this time. Because President Trump has been controversial on
several issues during his tenure. He gets angry at most of the questions asked
by journalists and columnists. Similarly, during a press conference, he often
looks angry, expressing his “panic” with some gestures. Staying up to
date with tweets 24 hours a day is probably part of their habit.

Coronavirus, Covid. 19:

the day COVID-19 has affected the American people. Trump has not taken the
virus seriously. Fifty billion dollars have been donated to people infected
with this deadly virus. But Trump is still not in favor of publicly
acknowledging the serious consequences of the coronavirus. So far, Trump has
blamed China for the actual outbreak of the coronavirus.

President Donald Trump:

March, the US president said the coronavirus would soon be defeated. But now
they argue that there is still a danger that the situation will get worse with
the coronavirus. If such a situation arises, it could have a profound negative
effect on the US economy and democratic values.


presidential candidate Biden has reiterated his promise that if he wins the
presidential election, Trump will immediately lift the ban on immigrants from
seven Muslim countries and transfer them to the United States. Because they say
that Muslim countries have such sanctions. Because in doing so, Trump has
abused his presidential powers.

time around, American voters will have some reservations. Concerns over the
death of an Iranian general in a planned attack on Trump’s orders and growing
white police violence against black Americans will affect the November 3
election. The alleged murder of a black American, Gorge Floyd, by a police
officer, and the overall increase in police brutality and racial violence will
also remain in the minds of voters.

presidential election and Washington’s relations with Tehran:

his rival Joe Biden, US President Donald Trump continues to ignore Iran. With
the start of the US presidential election, observers are not ruling out the
possibility that if Trump wins again, he could negotiate an agreement or
bilateral talks with the Tehran government. Trump also offered his condolences
to the family of forty-six years old George Floyd, who was killed by police.

he reportedly said the looters also had to be shot. It’s like putting salt on
the wounds of the American black community. It remains to be seen whether
Donald Trump will win in these difficult circumstances or whether foreign
affairs expert Joe Biden will win the presidency this time.

years ago, then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump promised. If he
were elected US president, he would abandon the nuclear deal with the Tehran
government and replace it with a better one. Trump announced his withdrawal
from the nuclear deal in 2018 under his first promise. However, in this case,
Donald Trump has so far failed to deliver on his second promise.

US-Iran relations heading for a new era of tension?

three weeks after Donald Trump came to power, he issued an “official
notice” declaring Iran a “global terrorist state.” Since then,
many have questioned whether Iran-US relations are heading for a new era of

Trump pulls out of the deal, he risks the distance between the European Union,
Britain, France, Germany, China, and Russia. This will make it difficult to
enforce any new sanctions.

Will US Presidential Election Affect US-Iran Relations?

What does President Trump’s decision on Iran mean for South Asia?

Donald Trump, fulfilling his election promise, has separated the United States
from the nuclear deal with Iran. As a result, the United States will once again
impose tough economic sanctions on Iran.

there is no evidence that Iran has violated the agreement, the International
Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has also confirmed Iran’s adherence to the
agreement. President Trump has also threatened to impose sanctions on
pro-Iranian countries. It could also have a lasting effect on the strategic
situation in South Asia and the Trump administration’s new policy on the

has an important and realistic role in South Asia. Despite its deteriorating
relations with the United States over the past decade, it has carefully
considered its own interests.


9/11, Iran was in a dilemma, as it felt trapped between Iraq and Afghanistan in
the whole situation, as both countries had seen a multitude of US forces since
the 9/11 attacks. In this situation, Tehran has gradually stepped up its
efforts in the region, such as supporting the government in Kabul and
establishing ties with the Taliban in recent years. Similarly, when the
international community imposed strict sanctions on Iran over oil, Iran
continued to supply its petroleum products to India.

expansion of strategic interests by Iran under intense US pressure in the past
has had a direct impact on tensions in Afghanistan and the security situation
in South Asia.


Washington administration has mobilized a so-called “stepback
mechanism” to lift UN sanctions on Iran. Under which it was decided to
restore almost all the restrictions that were lifted in the past. US Secretary
of State Mike Pompeo has insisted that 30 days have passed since the resolution
of the conflict and that UN sanctions against Iran, which were previously
lifted as part of the nuclear deal, have been re-imposed.

the same time, the United States has warned of the consequences for UN member
states, which do not respect Washington’s new sanctions on Iran. In this
regard, Germany, France, and Britain, which are part of the nuclear talks with
Iran, have rejected the US demand for re-imposing sanctions on Iran.

believes in international diplomacy:

presidential candidate and Democratic leader Joe Biden want his country to
rejoin the Iran nuclear deal. In his election statement to CNN, Biden said,
“If I become president of the United States, I will make it possible for
the United States to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal.” Provided that Iran
also respects all the terms of the agreement.

Elections and International Relations:

of US elections and US foreign policy?

2020 US presidential election should be considered the most extraordinary
election in history. During the epidemic, the election has affected one
candidate and the current president. A few days ago, a US Supreme Court judge
died of the disease. The eyes of the world are on these elections, people are
worried and nervous. It doesn’t matter who gets the presidency in the White
House or who controls the Senate.

US president has vast powers on the foreign front, yet the Coronavirus, the
economy, the law, the administration, and racism will have a greater impact on
voters. In general, it is difficult to say what is involved in foreign affairs.

global situation is currently chaotic, so leadership can play a key role. At
the start of his term, Trump was threatening North Korea with war. He is now
proud of the North Korean president’s congratulatory message.

Americans, the United States has always been the first, and its tough policy on
immigrants has always been important. From the United Nations to NATO and the
European Union, they do not care about anyone in their decisions, they are
against free trade and global policy.

of US election results:

only after the election results come out will we know where the time will turn.
We just want the United States not to jeopardize the interests of others. Do
not set fire to another’s house for its own happiness. Let go of hypocrisy to
establish peace and make the world a place of happiness. Simply saying, the
United States must now abandon the approach of “Might is Right”.


United States now has only one option, to uphold the rule of law and to avoid a
storm of mistrust. Extreme patience and perseverance are required. Decisions
are made consciously, not enthusiastically, and the United States must make a
fair and appropriate change to its electoral system in order to prioritize
democratic opinion and respect public opinion.

only by changing the electoral system can the decision of the majority be
implemented. I say with great confidence that if action is not taken
consciously today, the world will once again move towards a third world nuclear
war, and then the situation will be out of control.

no one will be able to handle it. If unfortunately, a third war breaks out,
then one man will have to struggle to find another man. If you look at the
other side of the picture, the United States is a developed country. The fruits
of its development should be shared all over the world.

education and training opportunities exist in the United States. The fact is
that in a country like the United States, there is less evil and more good.
There are vast opportunities for research and development. The United States
needs to rethink its policies to reap the benefits of development around the
world. The effects of the American catastrophe will be felt all over the world.
Therefore, no sensible person would ever want the destruction of the United
States in particular and the destruction of the whole world in general.

I request all of you to give your valuable feedback. Let us know what you think
about this current critical situation.