annual rate of imported vehicles under the government scheme is only 0.01%.
Persons with disabilities should be allowed to import vehicles up to seven
years old. The government’s duty-free car import facility for persons with
disabilities is proving ineffective due to the condition of the new vehicle.

to Japanese car exporters and the company’s CEO stated, “The requirement for
people with disabilities to import a new car should be removed and they should
be allowed to import old cars for up to seven years. So that people with
disabilities belonging to the middle class can also benefit from this
government scheme”.


disability imported cars

vehicle for persons with disabilities is less than 1300 cc, while despite duty-free
imports; its value reaches millions of after-sales and income tax freight
charges and installation of necessary E-series.

people with disabilities who are rich can afford such an expensive car. Importing
seven-year-old cars is expected to reduce their price by a quarter. The
ineffectiveness of this scheme can be evaluated from the fact that the annual
rate of imported vehicles under this scheme is only 0.01%.

prevent misuse or commercial use of vehicles imported on the quota of persons
with disabilities, the use of these vehicles for real purpose can be ensured
through a specific color scheme or special number plate of the vehicles.
Commercial vehicles can also be imported under the same facility to provide
decent employment to disabled people.