government of Punjab has established the E-Rozgaar scheme only in Punjab
Province to provide training to budding freelancers and enhance their
professional capabilities. So that the Government has somewhat overcome
unemployment in the country. 


the government has set an age limit for it. The minimum age to apply is 22
years and the maximum age to apply is 35 years. But in this regard, the
government has forgotten something special. That’s that People with
disabilities who have been wandering in search of jobs for many years. What
will the government do about those disabled persons, Due to government
ignorance whose ages have increased; because of the ignorance of both
government and private institutions? Then what is the purpose of celebrating the
world disabled day every year?

strongly request an Appeal to the Federal government of Pakistan. Please
increase the maximum age to Fifty (50) years only for Persons with
Disabilities. We all Disabled people of Pakistan will be very thankful and will
be highly appreciated If the Government of Pakistan took a good step towards

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