Must Know about the Disability:

person with a disability somebody who has a physical or mental impairment
that significantly limits one or more “major life activities is called a disabled person or handicap.

with disabilities frequently suffer from being labeled by their disability and
are faced with prejudice. Since people with disabilities are sometimes
alienated from the mainstream because of their particular requirements they may
also struggle with inclusion. 

disability awareness

people in society often make guesses and judge people with disabilities without
knowing the reality or getting to know the person. Suffering from various disabilities does not make a person inferior; all people deserve respect and
dignity. Positive language makes powerful those with disabilities. Stay away
from the impression and unpleasant labels when speaking to others about disabled people. 

with disabilities are as much a part of every society as ordinary people, but
if they are provided with special facilities, they can live like ordinary
people. People who do not consider people with disabilities to be human or of
no use are, in fact, mentally handicapped themselves.

the one hand, there is a need to work on their rehabilitation, on the other
hand, their financial support, and on the other hand, making accessible places
in the country accessible to them is very important.

this regard, there is a need to change social attitudes. Because we don’t give
people with disabilities the love and support they deserve.

buildings accessible. If a building does not have a ramp and a disabled person
cannot enter it, it does not mean that the disabled person is deficient, but
the real deficiency is in the building which does not have a ramp. We need to
change that thinking.

the parents of children with disabilities do not consider such children to be
disabled and make better arrangements for their education and training, then
they too can become useful citizens of society.

should be theses and measures at the government level as well, and these
measures should be put into practice. People with disabilities can be provided
with education and employment opportunities, but in Pakistan, people are doing
jobs on the quota of employment for people with disabilities. That is an
injustice to such people.

to global statistics, 10 to 15 percent of the world’s population is disabled.
In Pakistan alone, multi-investment is being lost daily due to the non-inclusion
of disabled people in national development. 

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