NIC Cards:

August 10’ 2009. President of Pakistan Mr. Asif Ali Zardari has inaugurated the
Special CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) scheme for disabled persons.
this excellent step from the government will surely appreciate by the disabled
people of Pakistan.  Special Persons can
get this Special CNIC from any of the NADRA offices (National Database and
Registration Authority) throughout Pakistan based on a disability certificate
attested by the Medical Superintendent or Chairman Medical Board of the government’s

NADRA, disability,

is a special icon/image of a wheelchair in the card, which indicates the
disabled person. The disability certificate can get from the Ministry of Social
Welfare (NCRDP) and also from Provincial or District Social Welfare Offices
(PCRDP). OR social welfare office situated in your city or you can search this
social welfare office in Google.com.pk.  

How to get this special CNIC

: First of all you (disabled person) will visit the government hospital
(DHQ-Hospital) from where the hospital authorities will provide you a date and
time for your medical examination, to prove that are you a disabled person or

The medical board will examine you and after the medical examination, the
medical board authorities will provide you attested disabled certificate.

You will visit your social welfare office along with the copy of your
medical certificate then the social welfare authority will provide you a form,
fill the form there and the social welfare authority will attach that form
along with a copy of the medical certificate and they will give you a date and
time to get the attested Disabled certificate.

Finally, you will visit along with your disabled certificate attested by
social welfare authority to the NADRA office. The NADRA authority will examine
the certificate and providing you date and time also for obtaining your
Disabled CNIC.

card facilitates and will enable special persons (disabled person) to get
benefits from the Government’s special programs, such as special quota in jobs
and duty-free special vehicles from abroad. The special programs which have
been started by the government, if the government implements such programs practically,
then it will be an excellent step for the betterment of disabled people. So
that Persons with disabilities will also live in this country with honor and