and almost every government in Pakistan ignores Special persons. At that moment
what is the necessitation to observe International disabled day each year? Many
special persons have been overage because of government and private
department’s ignorance consistently. Does the government of Pakistan have any
program or solution in the coming future for such disabled people? 

I extremely
appeal to the Government of Pakistan. At any time the government of Pakistan or
private departments announces any vacant post for special persons in the
leading newspapers or its official websites, the government and private sector
must consider the older age of the disabled person in this regard. Because I
have been trying to get any suitable job for the last 15 years but nobody helps
me in this regard, even neither Government of Pakistan and nor private
institutions call me for an interview. I have applied so many times for UN jobs
but all in vain. 

Now I am 45 years old then, what is the future of disabled
people like me? I extremely request and appeal to the Government of Pakistan,
private departments, and the UN office to please Disabled people at least be
called for interview. I hope that all the concerned authorities will take
tangible and productive steps in this regard. 

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