Disabled Day 3rd 2020. 

Day of Persons with Disabilities will be observed all over the world, including
Pakistan, on December 3. 



here are thirteen types of people with disabilities worldwide. However, they are
grouped into four categories. These include people with hearing and speech
impairments, people with visual impairments, people with physical disabilities,
and people with mental retardation in the fourth category.

General Assembly Announcement:

UN General Assembly held an important ceremony in 1992 and stated the aims and
objectives of this day.

All countries of the world will be obliged to celebrate December 3 on the
occasion of World Disability Day.

the public will be made aware of the importance of persons with disabilities on
this day so that they can understand the importance of special people.

the purpose of celebrating this day is to highlight the problems of people with
disabilities and to educate the public.

to take care of the basic rights of persons with disabilities.

the common person to maintain political, social, and moral relations with
persons with disabilities.

to provide financial assistance and employment to persons with disabilities.

to encourage them in every platform of life.

to address the social injustices that befall people with disabilities.

is to provide them with an environment in which they do not feel inferior.

the lives of people with disabilities will be improved. Therefore, the UN celebrated the Year of Solidarity with Persons with Disabilities. 

2013 was celebrated as a year of progress and prosperity for people with
disabilities. With the modern development of the world, the importance of this
day is also increasing. In 1993, for the first time in Pakistan, events were
held on the occasion of this day. 

Disability Day

on Day of Disability:

purpose of celebrating this day is to create awareness among the people about
the plight of special people and their economic and social rights and to take
steps to make special people useful citizens of the country.

this day, seminars and events will be held for special people all over the
country, especially under the auspices of the government and social
organizations. In which special children with blindness, hearing loss, and
other physical defects will present colorful programs.

Day in Pakistan:

Day of Persons with Disabilities is being observed all over the world,
including Pakistan, on the instructions of the United Nations. The day was
formally approved by the General Assembly.

Day of Solidarity with Persons with Disabilities. 
purpose of celebrating the International Day of Persons with Disabilities is to
highlight the problems faced by people with disabilities around the world and
to emphasize the usefulness of these persons in society. This day is celebrated
all over the world including Pakistan on December 3 every year.

decision to commemorate the day was reached by passing a resolution in the
United Nations. Seminars, workshops, and recreational activities in their honor
are also organized on this occasion for the welfare of persons with
disabilities and their good education and training and encouragement.

them to play their full role in society, according to the World Health
Organization, there are currently 600 million people with disabilities in the
world, meaning that one in 10 people in the world has a disability.
Opportunities are not available, while in developed countries the proportion is
50 to 70 percent, while 80 percent of them belong to developing countries.

to the United Nations, there are currently 650 million disabled people in the
world. That is ten percent of the world’s population. Which are considered a
burden in developing countries? They are given the location of such an old car.
Which can never be cured? The tragedy is that 80% of the people in these
countries are disabled. In developed countries, only 20% are disabled. An NGO
estimates that more than 20% of the population in developing countries has a
physical disability. Which are provided worldwide, and the burden of treatment
falls on governments. In developing countries, the opposite is true.

to ninety percent of the special people in developing countries do not have the
opportunity to move forward in life, and they are useless despite their
abilities. While in developed its proportion is fifty to seventy percent. In
developing countries, no special attention is paid to the education and
fundamental rights of special people and 90% of special children are not sent
to school.

about 20 million unborn children in the world are born disabled due to maternal
weakness and other reasons. However, men’s own hands are also crippling
countless people with anti-humanitarian policies and actions. Special people
proved their mettle in every part of the world and proved it with their

co-operated with, they can live their lives like normal people. The purpose of
celebrating this day is to go beyond color, race, and caste and pledge to play
our full role in the rehabilitation of special people.

solidarity with people with disabilities and integrating them into the
mainstream of life by protecting them from any kind of sense of inferiority.


1: Rehabilitation of persons with disabilities is the prosperity of the country.
And the solution to their problems is a matter of time. For this, the
government as well as the society should play its role well. The Constitution
of Pakistan gives equal rights to all citizens without any discrimination but
people with disabilities in Pakistan face many problems in social, economic,
and political life. Committees should be formed to address the basic problems
of persons with disabilities.

2: Emergency
measures need to be taken to ensure the inclusion of persons with disabilities
in public and private institutions, including ease of obtaining disability
certificates and identity cards and ensuring implementation of quotas for
persons with disabilities in employment.

3: This
includes taking practical steps to bring legally disabled people into the
political arena, including making it easier for people with disabilities to
access public and private offices, airports, railway stations, and hospitals.
Because people with disabilities are an important part of any society, and like
other citizens have the right to live their lives well.

4: There
is a need for this. That we make this pledge beyond race and caste, that
rehabilitates special people, making them a special part of society. We will
continue to play our full role in employing them. 

5: People with disabilities are an
important part of society. The culture of deprivation must be eradicated!
People with disabilities have the right to a better life, just like any other
think tank should be set up for the rehabilitation of the disabled and the
disabled should be taken along.