world is winning the war against the coronavirus-Covid-19.

six months ago, the World Health Organization declared the arrival of a new
virus an emergency. By the end of January, about 10,000 cases of the
coronavirus had been reported worldwide and more than 200 people had died. However,
none of those deaths occurred outside of China.

then the whole world and our lives have changed completely. It remains to be
seen to what extent we are successful in the battle between the human race and
the coronavirus. If we look at the whole world, the picture looks very blurred. 

Coronavirus covid-19

Coronavirus – Covid-19

confirmed number of people infected with the virus is expected to reach 20
million and more than seven million deaths have been reported. In the early
days of this global epidemic, it took several weeks for every one million
infections. Now the number of patients is increasing by millions in a few

are still in the midst of a very fast-spreading acute and terrible epidemic.
The effects of the coronavirus are being seen differently around the world, and
it is very easy for you not to get an idea of the real situation of the
epidemic outside your country. Nevertheless, one fact is common to all.

your home is in any part of the world or any region. The virus is present
everywhere, and it thrives and survives through close human contact. The closer
we get to each other, the faster the virus will spread. This is as true today
as it was when it first appeared in China.

central principle explains where you stand in the world and what our future
will be like. Latin America is currently the epicenter of the global epidemic.
Where large numbers of patients are being seen, and even in India the number of
patients is increasing rapidly. This explains why Hong Kong is advising people
to stay in quarantine, and why they are monitoring people’s bank accounts and

explains why Europe and Australia are working to lift the lock-down and balance
the spread of the disease, and why do we abandon the idea of our old condition
and lead a new normal life? The virus has made it difficult not only to travel
but also to talk and spend time together. While humans have been doing the same
thing before. This is a natural process of human being. A dangerous and deadly
virus is very difficult to detect.

they cause the patient to have very mild symptoms or not at all. However, such
patients become fatal to other people and then there is no space left in
hospitals. In countries where governments initially took precautionary
measures, very few patients were seen. Strict enforcement of border closures,
masks, and social distance did not allow the virus to spread further.

the other hand in countries where the political leadership and medical
authorities were not or are not on the same page. These countries have a good
chance of spreading the virus. Because the leadership and the people of those
countries considered this virus the minor flu.

have warned bluntly that if a country has been successful against the coronavirus
in the past, there is no guarantee that nothing will happen in the future.
fact is that now all of us, the leaders of all countries, the medical experts,
and all the people must recognize that we now have to live with this deadly

for Coronavirus:

reduces anxiety and fear. The power of prayer is an important and fundamental
process in dealing with anxiety and fear of the coronavirus.
are some pictures. In which people are seen praying for the prevention and
treatment of this deadly virus. 




Images Source: American Magazine and The Washington Post.

Whether a non-Muslim believes in the following text or not. The truth cannot
be hidden. For example, if a person hides the sun from the small finger of his
hand with one of his eyes closed, it does not mean that you have hidden the
does not mean that if you do not see the sun, then there is no sun. You cannot
hide the presence of such extreme reality. 
Because the sun is a huge reality. You cannot hide such a big reality from
an extremely small finger. 

you all observe? In the absence of a cure for this deadly virus, Allah Almighty
was finally remembered. Because the last recourse of all of us is the essence
of Allah Almighty. On which we all rely. But we should believe in Allah Almighty
alone and not associate anyone with Him. Because shirk (polytheism) is a great



and Cleanliness in Islam: 

Prophet Muhammad, PBUH, mentioned the purity as half of faith. 
why medical experts often recommend washing your hands frequently with soap.
Which our (
Last Prophet Mohammad PBUH) already told.

Holy Quran – A cure for all illnesses or diseases:

last and final miracle, the book that was revealed on the Last Prophet Mohammad (PBUH),
the Holy Quran, is not just guidance and direction to the straight path for
humanity in their lives; it is also a complete cure for everything. A comprehensive
cure for illnesses, a cure for all fatal diseases, as well as certainly a cure
for depraved or evil hearts and souls.
If someone
has such a disease or illness (like presently the coronavirus) which cannot be
cured, then the patient should recite the following verses of the Holy Quran
abundantly. The patient will be granted tranquility and peacefulness.

Qur’an Verses


this is a new routine and we have to live with restrictions. The precaution is
that we all use masks regularly. When we go out of the house, keep a social
distance, and make sure to use sanitizer and soap. I hope that people see the
special message of mine realistically.