Day against Nuclear Tests 

Einstein had said that the growing trend of nuclear weapons for self-defense
around the world has changed everything, including our thinking, and at the
same time brought us to such a turning point. On the other side of which there
is only death.

the mid-nineteenth century, other developed nations, including the United
States, entered the race for nuclear weapons, and from time to time,
experiments were carried out by these countries to test their nuclear weapons,
most of which were secret. Many countries tested their atomic bombs and other
nuclear weapons with regular announcements, intending to suppress their rivals
and establish their dominance in the region. 

Nuclear Test

site of the first nuclear explosion in history on July 16, 1945, is called the
“Transit Site.” The atomic bomb that was used in this experiment. It
had a power of 20 tons of TNT. It should be noted that TNT is a unit in physics
to indicate the magnitude of a nuclear explosion. 

need for Productive agreement: 

given the growing global problems and tensions, the need for such an agreement
has long been felt. Under which all countries with a nuclear power should be
bound. That they do not even need to undergo underground experiments. 


As a
result, in 1996, the eight nuclear powers signed a new treaty. Named the
“CTBT” (Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty), many of the countries
involved in the deal have been secretly testing nuclear weapons, while the
United States has been accused of carrying out large-scale nuclear and nuclear
attacks in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. Chemical weapons were used, which in
addition to the mass casualties caused climate and geographical changes here. 

present, every region of the world is facing severe threats due to climate
change and global warming, and the rate of natural disasters is increasing day
by day. The irresponsible use and experimentation of nuclear and chemical
weapons have also played a role. While the possibility of developing even more
lethal weapons in the future cannot be ruled out. 

Destroying nuclear weapons is essential for world peace. 

2010, August 29 has been celebrated around the world as “Nuclear Weapons
Prevention Day.” Such conferences, workshops, lectures, photography, and
writing competitions are held on this day. Through which, their lethality can
be clarified. To ban them completely all over the world, international events
will be held on August 29 in this regard. 

is such an effective contract. Which has played a key role in limiting and
preventing nuclear tests? Therefore, time is needed for countries around the
world to sign this agreement and stop their nuclear activities. In addition to
managing the full security of all our nuclear weapons, try to destroy them as
safely as possible. Therefore that the future of future generations can be

that the money spent on nuclear weapons should be spent on the welfare of
humanity rather than on nuclear weapons.