Hepatitis Day 

In 2020,
the theme is ‘Find the Missing Millions’. 

Day is celebrated globally on July 28 every year. The main purpose of this is
to provide awareness about hepatitis and its causes, diagnosis of hepatitis,
and its treatment and eradication. To create awareness in the society and to
address the causes that lead to it. 

world hepatitis day

is an inflammation of the liver. The disease is usually caused by a viral
infection, but there are many other causes. Such as drinking alcohol, unsafe
blood transfusions, injecting with an infected syringe, pierce the ear with
unsafe instruments, dental instruments. 

are many types of viral hepatitis, such as hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E. The
causes and viruses of all these types are different. Hepatitis A and E are
severe, but the duration is short. 

main reason is contaminated water and food. Hepatitis B, C, D, and E are more
dangerous and long lasting. These types can be fatal for pregnant women and
babies. The treatment for this disease depends on what type of virus the
patient has. 

of Hepatitis 

infected with this deadly disease can be diagnosed with a few symptoms. These
include physical fatigue, nausea, dark urine, loss of appetite, abdominal pain,
constant weight loss, pale skin, and pale eyes, etc. 

B and C may be silent killers, they grow very slowly, and their symptoms are
not very noticeable and by the time the virus is detected, it is too late. Lack
of timely diagnosis and treatment can lead to death. 

of Hepatitis 

virus is more prevalent in most backward areas and illiterate people. Because
they are unaware of the disease, and use each other’s used items such as
toothbrushes, shaving razors, etc., one of the main reasons for the spread of
hepatitis is the unavailability of clean drinking water. 


is important to take precautions to prevent this disease, and it is very
important to change your lifestyle. Whenever you go to a doctor or hospital for
treatment, make sure that the surgical instruments are sterile. 

your shaving kit when you go to the hairdresser. If a blood transfusion is
needed, make sure the blood you are getting is completely healthy. 

case of injection, make sure to use a new syringe, do not use any used items
such as combs, toothbrushes, towels, etc., and keep your food and environment

Hepatitis Day will be observed on July 28 all over the world including
Pakistan. Every year on July 28, World Hepatitis Day is celebrated with the
main objective of raising awareness about hepatitis and its causes, diagnosis
of hepatitis and its treatment and eradication to create awareness in the
society and its cause. The causes could be remedied. 

Hepatitis Day and our responsibilities. 

in schools, colleges, and universities should educate and educate students
about it and students should be taught about the prevention and precautionary measures
against the disease in their surroundings. 

medical experts say that with timely diagnosis and treatment, it is possible to
get rid of this deadly disease. Do and lay the foundation of a healthy society. 

I urge all members of society to play their part in eradicating hepatitis.