Pneumonia Day
will be observed on November 12 all over the world including
Pakistan. The purpose of celebrating Pneumonia Prevention Day is to create
awareness among the people about the prevention of pneumonia and its
precautions and to provide such a platform to the people of the world. So that
they can take action against pneumonia from that platform. 

world pneumonia day

is Pneumonia:

is an infection of the respiratory tract or lungs. The initial symptoms are cold
and flu, but an X-ray is needed to make an accurate diagnosis. Pneumonia causes
the body to lose oxygen, resulting in organ failure or death. Pneumonia is a
major cause of infant mortality in developing countries, according to a
research report.

are the easy victims of pneumonia?

can affect people of all ages, but young children and many older people can die
from it. People who already have a disease, such as asthma, diabetes, and heart
disease, also have a high risk of developing pneumonia. People with weakened
immune systems can also die from pneumonia. To prevent pneumonia, babies must
be vaccinated against pneumonia one and a half months after birth, two and a
half months, and three and a half months later.

the onset of cold weather, children’s risk of developing pneumonia increases.
Therefore, parents need to take precautionary measures to protect their
children from this deadly disease and to vaccinate them on time.

are the symptoms?

are the symptoms of pneumonia, which you need to see a doctor immediately.

  • Phlegmatic
  • High
  • Difficulty
    in breathing
  • Chest
  • Sweating
    a lot
  • Stomach
    or abdominal pain
  • Squeaking
    sounds from the lungs
  • Loss
    of appetite
  • Coughing
    or vomiting due to swallowing mucus
  • Extreme
  • Feeling
    mental, physically, and emotionally disturbed

is the treatment?

will definitely need to consult a doctor to treat pneumonia. Any treatment on
your own can be quite dangerous for you. Health professionals recommend a
course of antibiotics to treat pneumonia, which is very important to follow.
Even if the patient’s condition improves during the course, the course should
not be left incomplete.

Day in Pakistan: 

This day is also being celebrated in
Pakistan as awareness. In
Pakistan, approximately 70,000 children get pneumonia every year, while
pneumonia kills 2 million children worldwide every year. According to experts,
it is easier to save the life of a pneumonia patient if he consults an
authorized doctor instead of home remedies.