International Thanksgiving Day is being celebrated all over the world, including Pakistan. The
purpose of celebrating this day is to encourage people to help each other and
to have good feelings for others. The celebration of World Thanksgiving Day
began on November 13, 1998, in Tokyo, the capital of Japan.

the World Kindness Movement was founded. At a time when society is suffering
from social and moral degradation in addition to the negative tendencies of
extremism and extremism, there is a growing need to promote good deeds,
kindness, and compassion. 


spirit of kindness leads to brotherhood, love, brotherhood, and peace in society,
but the sad fact is that these spirits are being eroded by the growing social
and economic problems and negative attitudes in the society. There is an urgent
need to cultivate these sentiments, especially in the new generation.

Thanksgiving or Kindness
is a language that deaf people can hear and blind people can see, no matter how
small the act of kindness is never in vain, to feed a hungry person, to smile
at someone’s bitter words. Treating someone kindly is also kindness.

is the philosophy and attribute of kindness that motivates the positive
thinking people in the society to come to the aid of others in difficult times,
besides good deeds and sorrows, but also to do good deeds like kindness and
service to humanity.

Kindness Day encourages kindness to those in need. If you are an officer, your
subordinates should love you, not fear you. As an officer, create that atmosphere
in your office as well. Whatever you want in your home.

religions, including Islam, preach the same. All the commands given by Allah
are according to the nature of the servants, to be gentle with human beings,
these are in Islamic teachings, make it easy for people, make them hate them,
have compassion on children, treat people kindly, these are among the basic
teachings of Islam.

behavior in society, helping someone in a time of need, and other acts of
kindness include smiling at everyone despite the bitterness, forgiving, and
removing stones or anything harmful from the path. There are shapes of

of the Day:

events are held to mobilize the spirit of kindness. Speakers at the event
highlight the need and importance of compassion and kindness in human society
in this age of psychic psyche, that the world can be made a paradise by cooperation,
tolerance, tolerance, and passion instead of war and strife.

is to be clear that Scientists say that doing good deeds produces hormones of
happiness in the human body, and those who show good feelings for others are
always happy.