heartbreaking story of May 1, 1886, when
workers on the streets of the US state of Chicago clashed with capitalism for
their legitimate demands (eight hours of work, eight hours of rest, and eight
hours with family) and self-interest. By sacrificing, they became alive and
well in the pages of history. The whole world celebrates May 1 as International
Workers Day


of the Day

1st is International Workers Day. The purpose of this day is to highlight the
problems of the workers and to raise their voices for the solution to their
problems. This day is the result of a protest in Chicago in 1886 for the
protection of workers’ rights.


events, seminars, conferences, and rallies are held not only in Pakistan but
all over the world.


strike was declared on May 1 in the event of a failed attempt to enforce the
demand through all legal channels and was said to continue until the demands
were met. The slogan of 8 hours work became very popular among the workers who
worked 16 hours a day.

that day, the workers of the United States went on a full-scale strike. On May
3, a workers’ protest rally in Chicago was attacked in which four workers were
martyred. As more than 25,000 workers protested, the ruling class had no choice
but to resort to state violence against workers.

stop the protest police had done violence against the workers. Meanwhile, a
bomb blast killed a police officer and police have opened fire on protesters,
as a result killing several and injuring dozens. Immediately after the
incident, a series of raids and arrests began, in which several labor leaders
were arrested and convicted.

there was no evidence against them that they were involved in the incident. They
testified for the workers’ movement and clarified the justice and impunity of
the capitalist system, said the martyred leaders. “You can physically
destroy us, but you cannot suppress our voice

As a
result of this struggle, workers around the world have gained eight hours of

1989, at the suggestion of Raymond Levine, May 1, 1890, was declared May Day.
The celebrations of this day were very successful, after which it was
celebrated as International Labor Day.


hiring a worker, the first thing to do is to determine the worker’s pay. It
should not be the case that the employer pays the worker at his own discretion
after the work is finished.

it should be decided at the first stage how much money the worker will take for
the work and how much money the employer will pay him. When the wage is agreed upon
between the two parties, then the worker is asked to start work. The laborer
must be paid enough to meet the necessities of life with dignity.

employer should take as much work from the laborer as he can easily complete
and not bother him so much that the work is beyond his means and he becomes
discouraged and leaves the work unfinished.

employer must forgive the worker for minor mistakes and avoid flirting or
humiliating or punishing for disobeying or disobeying a minor order, and an employer should be generous and generous with the worker’s intentional mistake.
Forgiveness must be used.

employer must reward the employer in addition to the salary. In this way, the
motivation of the laborer increases and he works more heartily. 

any case, the government should set up a competent authority to enact and
enforce health and safety laws to prevent accidents in factories. Factories
should be surveyed and challans should be issued against those who pay less. In
addition, contract employees should be made permanent so that workers can be
guaranteed their rights.

and peasants are the real power, while the real source of wealth is labor. Only
workers, farmers, and mental workers are deserving of wealth. Their well-being
is the well-being of the country.

to the low wages of needy workers is not acceptable unless the value of their
labor is paid, which is on the principle of mutual aid. Limit working hours so
that workers have time for moral and spiritual reform. Who cannot pay the right
price for their labor? Such a society must end.

results of the discussion

this day and age, every person strives to accumulate as much wealth as possible
so that he can raise his standard of living and fulfill the desires of his
family. Yes, that’s right, but if justice and Islamic teachings are abandoned
in this endeavor, then this wealth will come to the fore in this world and the

the above article, it is clear that trade is a blessed source of livelihood and
it is the profession of the prophets. It should be following the principles of
the Qur’an and Sunnah and deal with the conditions and instructions which are
permitted by the Shari’ah. In this are the success of this world and the


was narrated from ‘Abdullah bin ‘Umar that The Last Messenger of Allah Mohammad
(PBUH) said:

the worker his wages before his sweat dries.”

Sunan Ibn Majah 2443-In-book reference: Book 16, Hadith 8).