Parents’ Day: 

Parents Day
is being celebrated around the world today. The purpose of this
day is to pay tribute to the selfless love of parents for their children and
their lifelong sacrifices to nurture this relationship and to acknowledge that
parents do not spare any sacrifice for their children.
Parents’ Day is
celebrated on June 1 every year. The purpose is to highlight the importance of
parents, the sacrifices made for children, and the expression of love for them.
The UN General Assembly approved the day to be officially celebrated in 1 June. 

Parents Day

children, parenthood is like a canopy that protects them from the cold and hot
winds of the weather in their shade. In addition to educating and training them
from food and drink, they teach them to distinguish between the good and the
bad of the world and the good and the bad of the world. A true tribute can be

the mother and the father play an important role in the upbringing and
education of the children. Together they pull the strings of life to the
destination and this destination can be nothing but a better future for the
children. Parents who kill themselves for the sake of a better future for their
children sell their desires and aspirations and buy a better future for their
children for which the mother has separate rights and duties and the father has
other responsibilities. 

Islam, it is commanded to perform the numerous rights and duties of loved ones,
relatives, and neighbors. 

think the unfortunate ones who drive their parents out of the house,
deliberately run away from their rights, duties, and responsibilities. What
will be their outcome on the Day of Resurrection? These are the evils of the
modern age, not at all in the past. In that golden age, children not only
respected their parents but also did not spare a single minute in their
service. There was no concept of disobedience. What the parents said, the
children did not disobey him at all. 

roots of the family system were very strong. Elders were treated with respect,
children could not even think of leaving their parents alone, but as time went
on, materialism prevailed, the joint family system began to crumble, gradually
we lost us. They have drifted away from golden values, and today they are not
only morally degraded. On the contrary, all kinds of evils are rapidly
flourishing in our society. In such a situation, it is necessary for every
member of the society to play a role in re-establishing their vanishing golden values,
so that the growing evils in the society can be stopped. 

At last,
I urge you to respect your parents, tomorrow you too have to step on the
threshold of old age, lest your children treat you as you did, so parents in
old age Be a support to them in the same way as they used to do for your day
and night as a child, treat them with compassion and love, because in it lies
the prosperity and prosperity of this world and the hereafter.